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About Steve

Steve Burnett

Having trained at the former Ramsay Technical College in Edinburgh and worked in a number of piano companies around Britain, Steve set up his own business in Edinburgh in 1985. 


Specialising in all aspects of piano tuning and servicing, Steve is an expert at taking old and new pianos and bringing them to life! Whether it be an old family upright, neglected for many years or that brand new piano straight from the showroom, each and every piano receives that expert touch. 


Having tuned and serviced hundreds of pianos over the years, Steve has developed a profound understanding of tonal qualities. He feels that it is only this kind of experience that allows him to be a master piano tuner/technician.   


Alongside tuning pianos, Steve also offers expert advice on purchasing the ideal piano to suit individual needs, from beginners to established musicians. 


As well as a well-respected piano tuner, Steve is also a professional maker of fine violins, violas and 'cellos made in the old Italian tradition. 



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